Helix IPTV – Facts and Features

The Helix IPTV UK is a member of the Helix IPTV elite network. It is a highly efficient product that allows you to watch thousands of channels and offers many advanced features.
A personal computer is the only component required to operate this IPTV, and the software is compatible with any Mac, PC or Linux system. Also, it can be used with the Helix virtual router with an Ethernet port.

Prose Helix IPTV

There is no need for an Internet connection, and the cost of installation is meagre. The bandwidth that Helix offers is a one-time use basis, which means that the entire amount is returned when the subscriber cancels the subscription.
I suggest that you check out other items that come with the Helix at the Helix store. It is the best way to compare prices, services and customer satisfaction.

Benefits Helix IPTV

helix iptv
The advanced features of the Helix include twenty-two channels for video and audio, a video receiver with autofocus, dual-tuner capability, high definition digital audio, and DVR. The DVR lets you record your favourite shows for future viewing, as well as the ability to watch live TV from the ICTV’s central hub.


The Helix IPTV allows your viewers to change their display screen from one program to another with the use of voice commands. This feature is known as muting.The best part about the Helix is that the ICTV USA allows you to access the on-demand programming at any time. I like this feature because it saves me the time of having to wait until the entire season has been released.

Availability worldwide

You can also see and hear several MySpace friends or family members who are watching the ICTV in your area. For example, you can go on vacation and watch television programs available for people who are in your location.
Another feature offered by the Helix ICTV is that it provides an ICTV Live (amazing entertainment channel) and its live channels rotate every thirty minutes. They also have an in-depth library of ICTV events that will keep you coming back for more.


All in One Helix IPTV

The Helix ICTV will allow you to view multiple streams of media at the same time. You can also do many things with the ICTV such as subscribing to the live events; listen to several stations including BBC Radio One, BBC World Service, and CBC English for free; listen to long-form audio and watch TV shows and movies.


If you are a local business, the Helix ICTV makes it easy to place commercials on your ICTV channel. It is genuinely an excellent channel for local businesses.
The Helix is a very versatile product that has many options and is very easy to use. Not only does it offer a lot of excellent features, but the Helix is also very affordable, and it can be used with a Mac, PC or Linux system.

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